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The Jr.BOYS LJ Community
Yeah, it doesn't have a proper name.


This is a community dedicated to Jr.BOYS, a group of talented, awesome young boys in Johnny's Jr.
If you are here for the first time, you may want to check out the member profiles, and a list of the Jr.BOYS fans in this community arranged according to their favourite members.


1. This community is a Jr.BOYS community so you must love Jr.BOYS and worship them with your entire soul all posts should be related to Jr.BOYS.

2. English should be the primary language used, as it is the language that most members should understand.

3. Please try to use the tags as far as possible. If they are too confusing or you think new ones should be added, please feel free to let princekira know.

4. All media, especially video downloads, should be Friends locked. This is to prevent trouble due to copyright issues.

5. Large images and long posts should be placed behind a LJ cut.

6. Stealing / reposting without permission / direct linking to or from this community is prohibited. All works belong to their creators. Breaking this rule will result in you being banned immediately.

7. Advertising is allowed but please keep it to a reasonable amount and make sure it is related to Jr.BOYS.

8. Yaoi / shounen-ai inclinations in posts and fanworks are highly encouraged allowed, but please warn beforehand.

9. There will be no warning system and minimal deleting, because Jr.BOYS fans should have fun together. =) HOWEVER, any post that contain the words "please delete this if it's not allowed" WILL be deleted. Because if you have read the rules you wouldn't have to say that. (Sorry, this just really gets on my nerves. XD;)

10. Finally, just be civil and have common sense. =)

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